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Our clients

Chateau Roslane

Our missions:

Pre-opening support, commercial strategy and various advice


Executive hôtel

Our mission:

Commercial support


Hôtel Novanox

Our mission:

Commercial support


Résidence Hi Park

Our mission:

Corporate canvassing at the opening


Hôtel Rose Bourbon

Our missions:

Pre-opening support, management of the commercial part and various advice


Hotel Pas De Calais

59 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris, France

Our missions:

Commercial support

République Hôtel 

31 Rue Albert Thomas, 75010 Paris, France

Our missions:

Training, recruitment and commercial support


Hôtel Odessa

28 Rue d'Odessa, 75014 Paris


Hôtel Mistral 

24 Rue Cels, 75014 Paris, France


Our missions:

Commercial support



Hôtel la Désirade

Le Petit Cosquet Belle Ile en mer, 56360 Bangor, France

Our missions:

Commercial support


Hôtel d'Aubusson 

33 Rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris, France

Our missions:



Hôtel Bac-Saint-Germain

66 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris, France

Our missions:

Commercial support and training


Hôtel Le Casablanca

19 BD Moulay Rachid, Casablanca, Maroc 

Our missions:

Commercial support


Europe Hotel Paris

103 boulevard de Grenelle, 75015 Paris

Our missions:

Commercial support and training


Hôtel Ares Eiffel

7 Rue du Général de Larminat, 75015 Paris, France

Our missions:


Hôtel Lenox Montparnasse

15, rue Delambre 75014 Paris - France

Our missions:



Hôtel Le Six

14 Rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris

Hôtel Observatoire Luxembourg

107 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris

Best Western Anjou Lafayette

4 Rue Riboutté, 75009 Paris

Elysées Mermoz

Our missions:

Commercial support, training and corporate canvassing


Hôtel Plaza Opera

12 rue de Maubeuge - 75009 Paris 

Our missions:

Corporate canvassing and recruitment


Hôtel Devillas

4 Boulevard Saint-Marcel, 75005 Paris

Our missions:

Corporate canvassing


Midnight Hotel

133 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris


Our missions:

Corporate canvassing and training


Hôtel Parisiana

21 Rue de Chabrol, 75010 Paris

Our missions:



Hôtel Mercure Pigalle

21, boulevard de Clichy, Paris 75009

Our missions:

Corporate canvassing


Hôtel du Printemps

80 Boulevard de Picpus, 75012 Paris

Our missions:

Corporate canvassing


Hôtel du Cadran

10 Rue du Champ de Mars, 75007 Paris

Our missions:

Corporate canvassing


Kyriad Gonesse

Rue Jean Mermoz ZAC - Rond Point de Bonneuil - 95500 Gonesse

Hôtel de la Gaité

7, rue Vandamme - 75014 Paris

Restaurant dans le noir

51, rue Quicampoix - 75004 Paris

Hôtel du Jeu de Paume

54 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île, 75004 Paris

Our missions:

commercial support, e-reputation


Castel de Pont à Lesse

Pont-à-Lesse 36 - 5500 Dinant - Belgique

Marineland Resort

600 Avenue Georges Bizet, 06600 Antibes

My Sopi Hotel

21 Boulevard de Clichy, 75009 Paris

Villa Madame

44, rue Madame, 75006 Paris

Hôtel Best Western Plaza Élysées

177 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris

Kyriad Marseille Provence

8 Impasse Pythagore, 13127 Vitrolles

Holiday Inn Marseille Provence

 7/8 Impasse Pythagore, 13127 Vitrolles

1K (Hôtels de Paris)

13 Boulevard du Temple 75003 Paris, France

Hôtel Icône

4, rue Amboise, 75002 Paris

Our missions:



Grand Hôtel de Tours

9, place du Général Leclerc, 37000 Tours

Our missions:

Staff training to improve productivity and financial results.


Hôtel Jardin Le Bréa

14 Rue Bréa, 75006 Paris

Our Missions



Hôtel Clarisse

159 boulevard Lefebvre, 75015 Paris

Victorias Paris Home

appartement Paris intramuros

Our Missions

Commercial support

Yacht and culture

entre la Corse et les Antilles

Our Missions

Commercial support

Hôtel Restaurant les Agassins

52 avenue Charles de Gaulle 84130 Avignon Le Pontet 

Our missions

Recruitment, training, commercial support, yield, advice

Hôtel Résidence Foch

10 rue Marbeau 75016 Paris

Our Missions

Recruitment, training

Hotel Du Vieux Paris

9 rue Gît le cœur 75006 Paris

Our Missions


Hotel De Suede Saint Germain

31 rue Vaneau 75007 Paris

Our Missions

Recruitment, training, commercial support, yield, social networks

Hôtel Abbatial Saint-Germain

46 boulevard St Germain 75005 Paris

Our Missions


Hotel De la Tour d'Auvergne

10 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne 75009 Paris

Our Missions

Recruitment, training, yield, commercial support, social networks

Hôtel Académie

32 rue des Saintes Pères, 75007 Paris

Our Missions

Advice for the new classification

Hôtel Home Moderne

65 rue Brancion 75015 Paris

Our Missions

Recruitment, training, yield, commercial support, social networks

Hôtel du Jeu de Paume Chamonix

Our missions:

Commercial support, pricing strategy and training

They’re talking about us

Le Casablanca Hotel

« It was with great pleasure that we had the opportunity to work with Julie Palisse and her colleague Alice Latgé. They assisted and supported us as consultants for the opening of our establishment with these various actions: implementation and recommendation of commercial strategies, for the internet, corporate clients, travel agents. They also set up various specific action plans for the launch and the positioning of the hotel. During this time, Miss Julie Palisse, the Director of JPS Solutions and her team fully invested themselves in these tasks with great professionalism and responsiveness. We would gladly recommend JPS Solutions to any hotelier who wishes to boost his sales as well as the consulting aspect should he need various recommendations and suggestions to improve the standards of their service and front desk procedures. »



Amine El Moumni
General director

Hôtel Mercure Paris Pigalle Sacré Coeur

« JPS Solution is the consulting agency everybody needs. I asked for Julie Palisse services when I took over a hotel: for recruitment, to set up procedures and for staff training. Along with her friendly and professional team, she managed to guide our team by showing them essential organization skills and allowed them to evolve. Miss Julie Palisse is an excellent salesperson and she also responds quickly to your needs. »


Jocelyne Gay

Hotel Odessa Paris 14

« We were very satisfied with our collaboration with JPS solution. The whole team is dynamic, efficient and professional. Thanks to their extensive network and their great knowledge of the hospitality industry, JPS Solution is an essential partner if you need to learn how to use and optimize the various marketing and management tools that exist. »


Odessa Gaid Dahan

"La Désirade" - Relais du Silence à Belle Ile en Mer

« We met Julie and her team in the fall of 2016 during the Equip'Hôtel trade show. We immediately felt that collaborating with her could be very beneficial to us. We continued our conversations and they eventually led to an audit which was going to be for a specific area of intervention and for a fixed duration. The results were very impressive: Julie and her team took our specific needs into account and integrated them to their expertise and suggested a solid action plan. This action plan was then skillfully put in place with a very communicative enthusiasm! Sure, JPS may have challenged our habits sometimes...but it was always done with a lot subtlety and tact!
Our business achieved significant and lasting results, not to mention all the knowledge that was passed on to us during the intervention.
We have absolutely no regrets: quite the contrary! We would do it all over again with no hesitation whatsoever! »


Bénédicte et Pierre REBOUR 
Directors and owner

Europe Hotel Paris Eiffel

"I really appreciated working with Julie & her team. Julie has a perfect knowledge of the hotel industry which allows her to quickly focus on what is important. We set up a clear and efficient Yield Management strategy and we saw the results straight away. A big thank you to the JPS team: friendly, professional & meticulous."


Mouloud Arhab

Director and owner

Hôtel du Jeu de Paume

"Following an audit, Julie and her team implemented a new commercial policy. Julie really made us feel at ease and we trusted her straight away. We especially appreciated the fact that she worked together with us which was very important because it radically changed the way our team works. She is always available whenever we have a question or suggestions. From the very first months, we could see the results; and it is always rewarding for a team to see that the work accomplished allows that and pays off. Julie was aware of the specific issues our establishment had. As far as I‘m concerned, it was a beautiful encounter and I enjoyed the fact that she shared her expertise with us. I’m thankful for her help. "


Line Rhodas

Hôtel Devillas paris

« At a time when we really needed to develop our business activity (just after some major renovations), we were lucky to find an extremely professional and competent team led by Julie Palisse…
Since she knows so much about the hospitality industry, Julie immediately understood our needs in terms of: staff training, communication regarding our new name, new contracts with all the major tourism stakeholders in Paris, rate strategy, Yield Management, e-reputation (responses to customer reviews), SEO  …
Great job !! A big THANK YOU to the JPS HOTEL SOLUTIONS team.
See you soon (maybe) for a new adventure? »


Djamel Sadok

Experience Hôtel

"My company collaborated with the JPS team on numerous occasions and this partnership has always had a positive outcome for our mutual customers.Indeed, the JPS team believes that each hotel is unique and must therefore implement solutions that fit their needs. As a result, they perform an audit and depending on the observations made, JPS contacts the suppliers the hotels really need. Following these audits, JPS recommended us many times to her clients and we eventually all worked together on the installations. Thanks to Julie, each time, the work was carried out in an efficient and optimal manner for the hotel owner. Our mutual customers are delighted and it is a pleasure for me to recommend JPS to my own clients. I trust them 100% ! "


Tony Loeb

VP. Sales & Marketing

Campanile Orléans sud

"We asked for Julie’s help following a worrying decline in our business activity during the first trimester of 2016 and a significant loss of market share when our occupancy rate and our average rate had been excellent for years. Julie was able to make a diagnosis very quickly and made us understand that the managing team didn’t have a good enough command of Yield management and was managing the hotel "the old way", with rates that were too linear and without sufficient anticipation, competitor analysis and scalability. She spoke with our Director on several occasions in order to explain to her that it was important to perfectly understand the rate strategy in an increasingly competitive market. She also taught our Director a commercial strategy to help her canvass the companies close to our hotel.
Julie’s advice and action plan paid off very quickly since our business activity increased considerably the month after her intervention and has been maintained ever since.
So, a big thank you to Julie for her dynamism, her enthusiasm and her GREAT professionalism. Thanks also to all her friendly and competent colleagues.
 We are glad that we contacted JPS Hotel Solutions and we won’t hesitate to contact them again should we need to solve other issues !



Signature Saint-Germain

"We asked for JPS hotel solutions’ help concerning a change of commercial policy in our establishment. We greatly appreciated their professionalism, their dynamism and their commitment and it definitely had positive results on our business. Having a new and external look on our business has been more than beneficial for us. Our team was also delighted by the results. We appreciated their flexibility and availability, especially because our industry is changing rapidly.
Mme et M Prigent "


Prigent family

Hotel Pas de Calais

"My partnership with JPS’ team started when I asked them to do an audit of my establishment. It is important to have an outside perspective when you spend a lot of time managing a business. Their approach and the conclusions they drew from the audit convinced me to collaborate with them.
JPS helped me to take a step back by giving me new tips and ideas to improve and grow my business.
The team is really knowledgeable. They have quick and practical answers when they are faced with a problem whilst still listening to my point of view and taking my specific needs into account.
And the results are there ! "


Hotel Bac Saint Germain

"2 years ago, I started working with Julie Palisse. At the time, I just needed her services in order to train the reception staff. But since then, I haven’t been able to do without her. She is very efficient, professional and passionate about the tourism industry. We’re very happy with her work and we have decided to continue collaborating with her and her team for the next few years."

Mme Yayaoui

Great Hotels

"I used JPS Hotel Solutions services in the past and I was satisfied! Here is how I would describe Julie: she is passionate about her job, professional, efficient, organized and available (24/7). From the pre-classification diagnosis to the hiring of staff (essential!) and from the reorganization of the front desk to the implementation of procedures in one of my hotels, Julie Palisse and her former assistant Diane Blanc never disappointed me. Quite the contrary…Thank you Julie and Diane for your help and support during my beautiful hotel adventure!"


Nelly Rolland

Etablissements Art Hôtels

"Working with Juie Palisse allowed me to boost my hotel bookings thanks to the following things:
Her network is impressive: distributors, tour operators, suppliers. There isn’t one person she doesn’t have access to quicker than me: it saves a lot of time and time is precious!
I believe she has a unique expertise on how to use social networks in order to help your hotel: without her, I would never have ranked 89th on Trip Advisor in just 3 months and my Facebook posts would not have been read by so many people.
Thanks to her experience, she was able to give me advice on all the other types of problems a hotel can have on a daily basis: staff management (training and recruitment), photographers, web masters, temping agencies for staff, new star classification system; no matter what your question is regarding the hotel industry, she will always have an answer + the solution that goes with it!
You can tell that this job is a passion for her: she is full of energy, always available, super responsive and professional: to me, she is THE ideal consultant."

Johanna Amar

Hôtel Dauphine St germain

L’acquisition de l’hôtel Dauphine St Germain était pour moi la réalisation d’un rêve, mais aussi une aventure. Issue de la finance, je ne connaissais pas bien l’hôtellerie et ses problématiques. J’ai donc fait appel à JPS pour me former sur la réception et les principes de base du métier.

Grâce à JPS, j’ai pu non seulement me perfectionner dans la gestion du personnel, m’initier à tous les process à mettre en place, et apprendre à m’organiser, mais aussi développer mon réseau. Julie et Diane ont su vite me communiquer leur savoir-faire et leur enthousiasme à tel point que je me suis prise sans tarder au jeu de l’hôtellerie. Grâce à elles, ce qui était un rêve est maintenant devenu une passion.

Marie Tournier

Hôtel Suede St Germain

"Julie, I would like to thank you for helping me reorganize the way the reception works, for helping each team member optimize their work, for the recruitment of the front desk staff and finally, for the training in Yield Management which allowed me to increase our average daily rate and our revenue."

Carole Allali

Home Moderne et Tourisme Avenue

"We have been using JPS Hotel Solutions’ services for 7 years now !
Julie is always very dynamic and she communicates this energy to our team. We can always count on her responsiveness when we need her.
Her priorities are: teaching our staff new reservation strategies, yield management, optimizing the organization of the reception and constantly improving the way guests are welcomed.
She knows all about the indispensable commercial tools that are currently necessary in order to grow your business: she always guides and advises us in a very useful way.
We intend to work with her for a long time still !"


J.Bidault - A.Foucault

Hotel Mistral

"Like many other hotel owners in Paris, things have not been easy in the last few years and our team needed support on a commercial level.
From our very first meeting, we decided to trust Julie Palisse and her team.
We greatly appreciate their incredible responsiveness, their dynamism and their excellent knowledge of the digital distribution tools. We still have a lot to learn with her and we intend to continue using her services. Besides, when her team is around, the atmosphere is always very nice and friendly."

Nicole brette,