JPS Hotel Solutions offers services tailored to your business and to your needs 


The following points of analysis will allow us to better understand your establishment: 


•    The hotel  
•    The location of the hotel,  the neighborhood and the nearby tourist sites
•    The team


The product

  • The public areas 
  • The rooms
  • The restaurant(s)
  • The other services

The reception

  • Front office organization  
  • Mystery guest + mystery calls followed by an analysis of the results


  • Identify who your main competitors are and what their interests are
  • Compare them to your hotel in order to highlight areas to be improve

The commercial side

  • The name of the hotel
  • The hotel website 
  • B2C distribution / 2B distribution 
  • Corporate clientele

Social networks & comments

  • We look at the reputation of the hotel on the internet.



We assist hotel owners in their search and we help them find the adequate service providers/suppliers in order to complete their transformation successfully.

Your target audience: who do you want to attract?

  • Corporate Clientele: individuals or groups? 
  • Tourist Clientele: individuals or groups? 
  • Families or single guests?

Visual identity, sound identity & olfactory identity

  • What type of decoration? For which type of clientele? 
  • What type of music? At what time of day? 
  • What fragrance? A different scent in different rooms? 

Your image according to your needs

  • Design / Decoration 
  • Gastronomy 
  • Historical 
  • Animal theme 
  • Experience


Commercial feasibility study

  • Strengths & weaknesses of the hotels in the surrounding area 
  • Competitor analysis  
  • Implementation of expected results (over one year) 
  • Implementation of a coherent rate strategy : target and identity

Help in setting up various tools

  • Implementation of the PMS 
  • Implementation of the booking engine / channel manager  
  • Setting up procedures 
  • Setting up a planning 
  • Setting up customer satisfaction measurement tools 
  • Help in finding suppliers (stationery, printer, hotel sign, products for the reception, breakfast products …) 

The commercial strategy

  • Implementation of an annual rate strategy consistent with your business sector
  • Implementation of business contracts with OTAs ( = Online Travel Agencies = Web distribution) 
  • Implementation of business contracts with incoming agencies and tour operators 
  • Rate monitoring and management (on a daily basis) together with the hotel managers 
  • Implementation of Yield Management tools if necessary (it implies a cost) 

Commercial canvassing

  • Creation of a file of nearby companies  
  • Teleprospecting  
  • Door-to-door selling 
  • Email all the companies that show an interest 
  • Implementation of Corporate contracts 
  • Implementation of contracts with the consortiums that represent the big accounts

Setting up social networks

  • Creating Facebook, Google +, Google My Business, Instagram & Twitter pages 
  • Creating a profile on comparison websites: Trivago, Kayak, Holiday check, Trip Advisor ….

Setting up a team

  • Recruitment of the different team members 
  • Provide training for recruited staff


Here is a detail of what we offer:


Reception techniques & procedures

  • Behavior and know-how at the front desk (dress code, posture and language) 
  • Knowing how to welcome a guest according to his specificities  
  • Knowing what to do when a guest checks in or checks out 
  • Importance of the client’s database (cardex) and knowing how to use it in order to increase customer satisfaction 
  • Knowing how to help a guest organize his transportation and his activities

Sales techniques and procedures

  • Telephone sales techniques (how to end a phone call guaranteeing a reservation) 
  • Direct sales techniques  (how to end a visit guaranteeing a reservation) 
  • Knowing how to respond to reservation requests 
  • Selling additional services (knowing how to sell the hotel products and services) 
  • Upselling
  • Vendre des services additionnels : savoir commercialiser les produits et services de l’hôtel
  • Upselling

Customer Satisfaction

  • Maintain a positive attitude in order to make the customer happy 
  • Take care of the customer before, during and after his stay 
  • Use specific software 
  • Assess customer satisfaction

Yield & revenue management

  • Know the market and know your product 
  • Monitor the increase in reservations on a daily basis 
  • Study your competitors 
  • Develop an ascending Yield Management method
  • Implement rate strategies in order to secure a certain amount of reservations 
  • Know how to manage the availabilities in order to control the Revpar
  • Be proactive on a daily basis when it comes to rate and availability management

Client portfolio management

•    Build an efficient and exhaustive customer database
•    Implement customer loyalty tools
•    Data management (personalized welcome, newsletter, etc.)


Online distribution (distribution B2C)

  • Know you service providers and use them intelligently
  • Focus on your partnerships with the market managers 
  • Be aware of the new available tools and take an interest in new technological developments 
  • Know their strengths and their weaknesses
  • Know how to set up promotional campaigns

Commercial support

The rate strategy

We will help you make the best choices in order to improve the profitability of your establishment.
The hospitality industry is currently undergoing profound changes and it is now essential to know how to handle all the new players such as OTAs, receptive agencies, meta search, etc
It is necessary to know with which service provider to work, what rates you can apply and how many rooms you can allocate to them.

JPS Hôtel Solutions develops a strategy which allows you to make the most of this complex environment. We will help you maximize your income and understand the different partners better.

•    Implementation of an annual rate strategy consistent with your business sector
•    Implementation and/or follow-up of business contracts with OTAs (= Online Travel Agencies = Web distribution)
•    Implementation and/or follow-up of business contracts with agencies and Tour Operators relevant to your product
•    Rate monitoring and management (on a daily basis) together with the hotel managers
•    Implementation of Yield management tools if necessary (it implies a cost)

Business canvassing

Are there any companies with whom you would like to work? Any trade shows where you want to make yourself known?

We can help you with this long and tedious commercial approach. We will take all the necessary steps to make your hotel known to companies.

We will call the companies, contact the right people, we will follow up on it, we will directly go to some of these companies, embassies, trade shows in order to build a powerful database for your hotel and will ensure positive spin-offs.

  • Creation of a file of nearby companies 
  • Teleprospecting 
  • Door-to-dooor selling 
  • Emailing all the companies that show an interest 
  • Implementation of Corporate contracts
  • Implementation of contracts with the consortiums that represent the big accounts


We can manage all your social networks or teach you how to use them. Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor and Google+ are all potential showcases for your establishment.

It is important to respond to comments on these platforms in order to show internet users that you are interested in what is said about your hotel, but also and most of all that you’re always trying to improve.

JPS Hotel Solutions can respond to these comments for you or can teach you the best methods to do so.

Nowadays, managing your online reputation is crucial and we can bring you our valuable and indispensable expertise to gain an excellent reputation.

  • Creating Facebook, Google +, Google My Business, Instagram & Twitter pages 
  • Creating a profile on the distribution websites : Booking.com, Expedia, Trip Advisor, etc 
  • Responding to Trip Advisor reviews (4 languages) 
  • Responding to Booking.com reviews  (4 languages) 
  • Responding to Expedia.com reviews (4 languages) 
  • Managing your Facebook, Google + and Twitter pages 
  • Writing one article/post per week for your official website